Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pew Article about Kentucky

In this summer's edition of Trust by The Pew Charitable Trust is an article about Kentucky's role Leading With Facts by Peter Perl.

With Pew’s help, Kentucky lawmakers found agreement on divisive issues through research-based evidence that pointed to solid solutions. From controlling prison costs to rescuing its pension fund, the Bluegrass State has become a laboratory of ideas—and a story of accomplishment.

In his 38 years as a public defender in Kentucky, Edward Monahan observed
with growing alarm—and then anger—the irrationality of a juvenile
justice system that incarcerated tens of thousands of young people for offenses
that wouldn’t even be crimes if committed by an adult: running away
from home, alcohol or tobacco use, chronic truancy, persistent tardiness,
or disobeying a judge’s order to return to school and do their homework.
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