Wednesday, September 17, 2014

COA - Hack - Search without Warrant

Donna Hack- CoA, 9/12/14, to be published. 

The Court that an uncorroborated tip was not sufficiently reliable to merit invasion of the curtilage at 2 a.m. without a warrant. Knock and talk was proper when police saw fire in the yard when a county burn ban was in effect. Even though officers saw a man run into a garage, in light of the totality of the circumstances, it was not reasonable for them to follow him in belief that contraband was in danger of being destroyed. The exigent circumstance of immediate escape was also not possible. Even if they have reasonable, articulable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot, the police may not lawfully enter a private residence without a warrant in order to initiate a Terry stop.

 Julia K. Pearson of the Appeals Branch represented Ms. Hack on appeal; Nathan Goodrich of the Murray office represented Ms. Hack in the trial court.

Contributed by Roy Durham