Monday, December 19, 2011

Kerry Porter - Kentucky Innocence Project Client Exonerated and Released

Kerry Porter, imprisoned for murder, is exonerated, freed after 14 years - Louisville Courier Journal 

After serving 14 years behind bars for a 
murder he insisted he didn’t commit, a 
stunned Kerry Porter learned Monday that 
he was exonerated and hours later was 
released from prison.

“He was virtually speechless,” said Melanie 
Lowe, who won Porter’s exoneration after a 
five-year battle.

“He said it was a lot to take in … and that 
he was a little nervous” about returning to 
the real world, she said. “He’s never held a 
cell phone or seen a flat-screen TV.”

Jefferson Circuit Judge Irv Maze signed an 
order dismissing Porter’s conviction and 
ordering him released “immediately and 
without delay” in the 1996 murder of 
Tyrone Camp.