Thursday, December 29, 2011

Editorials about Kerry Porter

Legislature, Supreme Court must address flaws that lead to wrongful convictions - Lexington Herald-Leader

The legislature and state Supreme Court must fix flaws in the system that led to Porter's and other wrongful convictions. Otherwise, more such errors and injustices will be inevitable.

This should be an urgent concern, not just for public defenders, but for all of law enforcement because convicting the wrong person lets the real criminal off the hook.

As is true of most wrongful convictions, a faulty eyewitness identification was at the heart of the case against Porter. This is not surprising as a growing body of science reveals the unreliability of eyewitness IDs.Police agencies should adopt model procedures for eyewitness identifications. Unless these procedures are scrupulously followed, the Supreme Court should exclude the use of eyewitness identifications by prosecutors.


Editorial | 14 stolen years - Louisville Courier-Journal

In 1997, Bill Clinton started his second  

term as president of the United States, 
Madeleine Albright became the first woman 
secretary of State, Steve Jobs was rehired 
by Apple, Princess Diana died in a car 
crash — and Kerry Porter went to prison 
for the murder of Tyrone Camp, a crime he 
insists he didn’t commit.

Fourteen years later, Mr. Clinton is a gray 
eminence on the world stage, Hillary 
Rodham Clinton (his wife) is the third 
woman secretary of State, Mr. Jobs died a 
legend beyond Apple, the late Princess 
Diana’s older son is married and nearing 
30 — and Kerry Porter was just released 
from prison for a murder others now 
believe he didn’t commit.

Last week, he spent the first night of his 
freedom, sleeping under the Christmas 
tree in his mother’s living room.