Monday, August 29, 2011

DPA East Region Awards

Earlier this month the DPA's Eastern Region gave out their first award.

Horizon Award.  Given for the best legal argument or effort to expand and protect client rights.  The 2011 winner was Angela Darcy for her successful efforts to “kick” KAPS out of Pike County.  The result has been a change in how fines are collected in Pike County.

Sleuth Award.  Given to the investigator whose significant investigation changed the course of a case.   The 2011 winner was Marvin Montgomery for his obtaining a statement that so altered a  difficult case that during jury selection a plea agreement for a misdemeanor was reached.   

Above and Beyond Award.  Given to the person or person whose efforts created a second chance for a client.  This year’s co-winners were Julie Edwards who managed to keep track of the multiple sets(in batches of 200 at a time) of jurors in two different counties in the Jackson trial and Myles Holbrook whose advocacy on behalf of a juvenile client with mental illness and a history of  violence resulted in all charges being dismissed and an investigation opened for a foster father for sexual abuse.  

Big Hitter Award.  Given to the person or person whose case attracted (often unwanted) media attention and whose case proved to be particularly difficult. This year’s winners were the Clayton Jackson trial team consisting of Barbara Carnes, Roger Gibbs, Randy Edwards, Julie Edwards, Mike Parks, and Mary Gina Conner.  This team tried this case in two counties, went through several hundred jurors and spent 35 days in trial.  Most significant no death verdict.

Two special awards.   The first was the Keystone Award.  Just as  a Keystone is one of the most important stones in holding a structure together, this award was for the person who kept it all together for an office as it moved from one location to another, took on new assignments and yet maintained a high degree of professionalism during some of the most trying of times and unexpected circumstances.  The 2011 award winner was Diannah Arnett of the Prestonsburg office.

The second special award is the Catalyst Award and is for the person we wanted to recognize as having made significant changes.   A catalyst is defined as a change agent that when added to the mix speeds up the reaction and produces something new.   For her outstanding work in Morehead as well as her willingness to train all across DPA the 2011 winner is Sarah Johnson.