Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HB 463 Official Certified Copy Now Available

Most of the provisions of historic House Bill 463 become effective today.  Representing one of the most sweeping and comprehensive reforms of the criminal justice system in Kentucky in decades, the legislation is based on models which evidence shows have been effective in other states in not only lowering systemic costs but lowering recidivism as well. 

Here is the certified copy and all the statutes effected by HB 463 which are either already in effect or go into effect today.  Once legislation is passed it goes to the revisor of statutes to codify the legislated amendments and additions into the statutes effected by that legislation.  The only “official” or “final” copy of what those new or amended statutes look like belongs to the revisor of statutes.  These are all the statutes effected by HB 463 in their new and final form, including the emergency provisions regarding conditional discharge revocations and those which take effect today.  Those sections which will not take effect till 2012, 2013, etc. are NOT included.  The revisor of statutes has also provided a copy of his certification of the accuracy/authenticity of this copy of the newly revised statutes (he will keep the original on file in his office, as it says in the certification).

The statutes you’ll want to look at first include the KRS 218A statutes, KRS 431 statutes, KRS 532.080, and KRS 534.   

Contributed by Glenn McClister

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