Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Resources for Graduated Sanctions and Incentives - Reframing Futures Blog Post

juvenile-drug-courts_graduated-response-gridResearch has shown that punishment alone is not the most effective way to to help a young person change his or her behavior -- the primary goal of juvenile drug courts, and, indeed, juvenile probation generally. Instead, a combination of punishment, or sanctions, with incentives, is most effective.

But if you want to act on this information, you're likely to have a number of questions. Here's just a few of the questions that commonly arise:

  • 1. Is there a ready-made list of sanctions and incentives we could use?
  • 2. Should we start out giving a strong sanction to get the offender’s attention, or should we build up to that?
  • 3. Are we coddling offenders by giving them incentives?
  • 4. Does it matter how long you wait after the behavior is detected to give a sanction or incentive?

And that's just the beginning.  To help you make sense of the options -- and to give you several lists of ideas for your own graduated sanctions and incentives grid -- I'm posting a number of resources here.

From NCJFCJ (and shared with permission):

If your team is working on implementing incentives and sanctions together, you'll probably want these as well, also from the NCJFCJ:

No list like this, however, would be complete without acknowledging the work done by Reclaiming Futures' own Justice Fellows -- the probation officers who helped develop the Reclaiming Futures model in our ten foudning sites. In 2005, they created the colorful incentives/sanctions grid you see pictured in this post.

  • The Illustrative Graduated Response Grid
  • About the grid
    • "The Illustrative Graduated Response Grid is a tool that may be used by treatment providers, corrections personnel and judicial professionals, in responding appropriately to a youthful offender’s behavior."
    • Also, please note that the incentives and sanctions listed are just suggestions. Your community way choose different items.