Monday, September 15, 2014

WDRB - Prosecutor's office focus of criticism from defense attorneys, judges in recent months

From WDRB's Sunday Edition - 

Last year, a Jefferson County prosecutor told a judge in court that there was no 911 recording to turn over as evidence in the case of three men charged with receiving stolen property.

The prosecutor assured the judge and defense attorneys that she had personally spoken with Louisville Metro police to confirm the lack of a 911 call.

Neither of those statements turned out to be true.

An investigator for the defense discovered there was, in fact, a 911 call. And the prosecutor, Shameka O'Neil, who has since resigned, had apparently not spoken with police about getting it, according to defense attorneys.

O'Neil's blunder resulted in the accused men going free. Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Barry Willett dismissed the case in June, citing the prosecution's "outrageous conduct."

This is maybe the most egregious example but not the only mistake that prosecutors in Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine's office have made in the last year – mistakes that have at times benefited criminal defendants
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