Monday, December 9, 2013 Louisville police begin tracking problematic officers for prosecutors, defense

Six times during an armed robbery trial last December, defense attorney Frank Jewell asked Louisville Metro Police Det. Derrick Leachman whether he took photos at the crime scene.
Six times, Leachman testified under oath that he had not. 

But after Jewell's seventh attempt, Leachman finally acknowledged he had taken crime scene photos but "the pictures were lost and I didn't want to testify that I lost pictures," according to a video of the trial. 

A jury later acquitted the defendant and Leachman's testimony and actions were criticized by the prosecutor and the police department. In July, he was suspended 30 days for losing evidence and providing "misleading testimony" during the trial.

Now, as part of a new police policy, Leachman and more than two dozen officers whose conduct could be problematic in future cases have had their names and disciplinary issues turned over to prosecutors - and possibly to defense attorneys at some point.

Also as part of the policy, Police Chief Steve Conrad has put the department's 1,181 officers on notice that any violations involving untruthfulness "will likely lead to termination from this department."

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